Our homes are becoming more connected every day. With smart devices and appliances, streaming entertainment and telecommuting, the internet has changed the way Kiwis work and play.
Whether it’s setting up a new modem and internet connection or modifying your existing network to better serve your home or business, we can build a strong foundation for your connected home.

  • Home Networks
    A standard home network consists of a wireless gateway router (usually provided by your ISP) and the devices you connect to it. Having had extensive experience working for and with Internet Service Providers, you can trust us to set up a reliable home network or troubleshoot problems with your existing network such as slow wireless speeds and connection dropouts. If you already have a reliable network but would like to add additional features and functionality like Network Attached Storage or wireless printing, contact us today to book a consultation with one of our experienced team.
  • Home Businesses/SMBs
    The Internet has revolutionized the way we do business. If you're starting out or are part of an established venture, we can provide the reliable connectivity and features you need to ensure your business stays connected.
  • Long-Distance Wireless links
    Need a network connection in an isolated building? If running a cable isn’t feasible, a Wireless bridge could be the answer. Whether it’s 100m or 10km from the rest of your infrastructure, we can get your building connected.