A reliable backup solution is essential to ensure the safety and accessibility of your most important data. We can provide a backup solution tailored to you – whether it’s cloud based or local, your whole computer or just your essential photos and documents.

  • Cloud Based Offsite Backup
    With the wide availability of faster internet connections, Cloud Backup is fast becoming one of the easiest and most popular ways to protect your data. Cloud backup uses your internet connection to securely store a copy of your data with a storage provider. These storage providers store your data on large, dedicated computers in a datacenter and ensure your data is always accessible if you need to recover files urgently. Cloud backup is usually paid for with a flat monthly subscription fee or a variable fee based on the amount of data you would like to store.
  • NAS based backup
    NAS Stands for Network Attached Storage – usually in the form of an appliance containing hard drives which is connected to your network. A NAS provides a central place to store your files and access them on some or all of the computers connected to your network. This central storage location can also be used to store backups of your computers. This method is convenient – backups happen automatically when your computer is connected to the network and can be accessed quickly if you need to restore one file or your entire machine to a set point in time.
  • Local Backup
    Local backup is the practice of storing copies of your files on an external hard drive. This is one of the cheapest ways to back up your data long-term, though you’ll need to remember to plug in your backup drive from time to time. This drive can be stored wherever you choose (fire/waterproof safes are a common choice for home businesses). Some people prefer to keep two drives. One onsite for quick on-demand data recovery and one at a friend or relative’s house to protect from localized disasters such as floods or fires.